The General Manager of Jamaica Cane Products Sales Limited, Karl James, says the current shortage of granulated sugar is most likely due to the intense enforcement activities of the Customs Agency.

Consumers have been complaining in recent weeks about the unavailability of processed sugar on supermarket shelves across the island.

Mr. James says the Customs agents have been forced to act, in response to the lucrative racket being perpetrated by those business people licensed to import processed sugar into the island.

Mr. James says the shortage of granulated sugar has nothing to do with local producers.

This as Jamaica has not produced a pound of granulated sugar for a few decades.

According to Mr. James, all the granulated sugar used locally has been imported from parts of South America and Africa.

He says the shortage of the commodity is due to the activities of unscrupulous importers.

Mr. James says that bleeding process, sees the importers placing granulated sugar intended for the manufacturing process, into the retail trade.

He says this is done by putting the sugar in plain, unmarked packages and stacking them on supermarket shelves.

Mr. James says granulated sugar is now in short supply, because customs agents have been removing the unlabelled packages from supermarkets and wholesales.