The Islamic Council of Jamaica has outlined a nine-point crime plan that it believes will help to stem the crime problem currently facing Jamaica.

Speaking at a media conference on Friday at their Camp Road headquarters in Kingston, the event’s chairperson, Wade Brown, outlined the council’s nine-point crime plan.

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The Islamic Council says it’s not looking to replace strategies that are in place.

It says it’s looking to build on these strategies by implementing established Muslim practices like Shura and Zakat as forms of social intervention.

Shura means consultation and zakat, is the Islamic version of giving alms: or what Roman Catholics call tides.

Media Liason Officer for the Islamic Council, Taariq Abdul Majeed, says one of the preventative crime-fighting methods being proposed by the council is peer to peer intervention.

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The Islamic Council is celebrating their yearly Islam Awareness Week, with a series of events starting last Friday.

The week will culminate in a crime prevention conference at the Jamaica Conference Centre on Sunday, where they’ll fully expand on their crime plan.

The conference is entitled ‘Crime Prevention: The Muslim Solution’.