J. Wray and Nephew has disclosed that it has moved to respond to numerous appeals for assistance from Jamaica’s hospital network by launching a $45 million intervention called JWN Cares. 

The monies will be spread across 12 institutions and donated through the company’s key brand – White Overproof Rum and its sister company the JWN Foundation.

The Covid-19 pandemic has added immense pressure to Jamaica’s health sector resulting in local hospitals being overcrowded, understaffed, and struggling to respond to the demands for patient care.

In a statement, Managing Director of JWN, Jean-Philippe Beyer, says J. Wray & Nephew prides itself on being a part of the solution. 

He noted that last year the company responded to the crises with a donation of 100,000 litres of pure alcohol and continued its support by donating technology, groceries, and cash. 

Mr. Beyer notes that J. Wray and Nephew also joins the PSOJ in encouraging Jamaicans to get vaccinated.

Beyer says that strengthening the capacity of Jamaica’s health systems to respond swiftly and effectively is extremely important. 

He says via JWN’s latest round of donations, the company will play its part in containing and mitigating the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

During the first week of October, the JWN’s key brand White Overproof Rum Brand will donate $5 million each to Type A hospitals – University Hospital of the West Indies, Kingston Public Hospital and Cornwall Hospital. 

Type B hospitals, Savanna-la-mar Hospital and St. Ann’s Bay Hospital will receive $3 million each. 

While Type B hospitals within JWN’s areas of operation, Spanish Town Hospital will receive $5 million and Mandeville Hospital will receive $4 million.

The JWN Foundation, will join the response by offering a total of $5 million to support to Type C hospitals and Health Centres within the company’s operations zones. 

Specifically, May Pen Hospital and Black River Hospitals will be gifted $2 million each and the Balaclava and Maggoty Health Centres will receive $500,000 each. 

Additionally, the Foundation will donate well-needed medical supplies and equipment namely: oxygen concentrators, pulse oxi-meters, digital thermometers and hand sanitizers.

Each hospital will be able to access its allocated funding in supplies from an approved local medical supplies provider.