South St. Catherine Member of Parliament, Fitz Jackson, is still livid that debate on his banking bill was suspended during yesterday’s sitting of the House of Representatives.

The MP is accusing the government of bowing to pressure from commercial banks to dismiss his private member’s bill. The bill is aimed at ending predatory banking fees. He says government MPs are clearly not in support of the bill.

A strident Mr. Jackson singled out Industry Minister, Karl Samuda and Finance Minister, Audley Shaw, for criticisms. Fitz Jackson says both men were previously in favour of the provisions of the bill, but have since changed their tune.

Mr. Jackson fumed in the House of Representatives yesterday after a debate on the bill was suspended. He says the longer the legislature waits to pass the bill into law the more money the banks extract from vulnerable depositors.

Mr. Jackson says ‘special interests’ are instructing the government to allow banks to continue charging depositors hefty fees.

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He says the Opposition MPs are in full support of the bill. But he says the Government MPs clearly don’t see it as a priority.

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The South St. Catherine MP is directing his anger towards the MPs of North East Manchester and St. Andrew, North Central in particular.

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Mr. Jackson has been leading the charge against what he calls ‘exorbitant’ banking fees. His bill seeks to enforce a mandatory ‘minimum service package’ for customers of financial institutions.

Mr. Jackson was speaking with Nationwide News this afternoon at the opening ceremony for Research Day at the University of the West Indies, Mona campus.

Research Days are to facilitate the exhibition of studies in various disciplines conducted by the university.