Dancehall star, Jada Kingdom, is facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit from her Management Company, Pop Style Music Publishing and her manager, who’s popularly known as Pop Style.

The lawsuit was filed in the Supreme Court this afternoon by Attorney-at-law, Ronald Young of the Law Firm, Young Law, which is representing Pop Style Music Publishing and its principal.

Kingdom’s given name is Jada Ashanti Murphy. She is being accused of libeling her manager and management company in comments she made in an Instagram Live video on April 13.

The Particular of Claim Form says Kingdom went on her social media platform and knowingly made false allegations which suggested that her manager and management team were dishonourable in their financial dealings with her.

According to the legal team for Pop Style Music Publishing, at the time when she made the video to her fan base on social media, Kingdom knew that the claims she made are damaging and false.

Kingdom is being asked to pay general damages, interest on damages and to issue an apology to her management team and its Principal.

In a statement, Kingdom’s Manager said over the past 4 years he has done nothing but believe in the artiste and support her on an emotional, financial and professional level.

Kingdom’s manager says he invested significant sums of money into her career and personal well-being. 

The artiste’s manager says as is normal in the music industry, the management agreement between Kingdom and the team permits him to recoup his investment against her future earnings. Kingdom’s Manager says to date his investment in her remains substantially unrecouped.

According to Jada Kingdom’s manager, “to hear her spew such libelous bile and defamatory untruths” about him “in her recent Instagram Live rant is appalling and something she should be ashamed of.”

Kingdom’s manager says the artiste more than anyone else is aware of the positive way he has impacted her career and her personal life. 

Efforts to get a response from Jada Kingdom were unsuccessful. Kingdom has 42 days to respond in the Supreme Court to the lawsuit.

Jada Kingdom is known for songs including ‘Yuh Betta’, ‘Pretty Gang’, ‘Love Situation’, ‘Yu Betta’ and ‘Tek It’.