Jamaica and other Caribbean countries are set to be placed on the United Kingdom’s red list for travel, potentially a huge blow to the country’s tourism product.

UK news papers say the news is scheduled to be released by that government later this week, as many UK residents gear up for winter travel.

Senior Advisor and Tourism Communications Strategist, Delano Seiveright, is encouraging Jamaicans to get vaccinated as the country tries to navigate the third wave of Covid-19 infections.

Majorie Gordon has that story.

Back in the red.

Due to rising Covid-19 infections in several countries, including Jamaica, the UK Government is set to put in place heavy restrictions on travel.

The red list means almost all travel from such labeled countries to the UK is banned.

British and Irish nationals and those who have residence rights in the UK can return, but must quarantine in a government-approved hotel for 11 days at a cost of more than £2,000.

Mr. Seiveright says this essentially closes the UK market to the island.

For the longest while Jamaica has been on the Amber List.

Those measures were far milder and facilitated travel from Jamaica with only limited home quarantine.

Joining Jamaica on the Red list from the Caribbean is Saint Lucia, Antigua and Dominica.

The expected restrictions coming from the UK, one of the country’s largest source markets, could also severely impact Jamaica’s economic recovery.

Mr. Seiveright says he hopes this unfortunate turn of events can be reversed in time for the Winter Tourism Season which begins in December.

With the country still within the midst of a deadly third wave of infections, the senior advisor is urging Jamaicans to get vaccinated as the surest way out of the crisis.