Jamaica is ranked in the top five countries globally for violence against children under 4 years old.

It is also in the top ten countries for the murders of adolescent females.

That’s according to United Nation’s Children Fund, UNICEF, Representative in Jamaica, Mark Connolly.

Mr. Conolly was speaking with Cliff Hughes Online at a UNICEF function at the UWI Mona campus this morning. He says too many Jamaican children are also being murdered.

The UNICEF representative is also taking issue with the continued use of what he calls ‘violent discipline’ in schools.

Mr. Conolly says Jamaica has one of the worst records for child abuse against infants. He says the main perpetrators are parents and caregivers.

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Mr. Conolly says teachers are also perpetrators of this violence, once children get into the schools. He says the law empowers teachers to beat children in schools as a means of disciplining them.

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Mr. Conolly says Jamaica also stands out for murders against female adolescents. He says Jamaica is among the top ten countries most notorious for those crimes.

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He says the Latin America and Caribbean region records five times more murders of adolescents than anywhere else in the word.

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