The shortage of piped water facing the country is nearing crisis proportions.

That’s the word from the Minister of Water and Environment, Robert Pickersgill.

Minister Pickersgill was speaking in the Parliament this afternoon.

Mr. Pickersgill, who was making a Ministerial statement in the House of Representatives, says several factors have resulted in an island-wide shortage of piped water.

Minister Pickersgill says the just ended traditional rainy period of May to June produced very little of the expected rainfall, and the situation is quickly becoming critical.

The Water and Environment Minister says inflows to the two major dams serving the Corporate Area are significantly reduced.

Minister Pickersgill also pointed out that dam levels are falling rapidly, with the Hermitage dam heavily silted and the Mona reservoir at only 32 percent!

As such, he’s warning consumers to brace for another round of water restrictions.

Minister Pickersgill also made an appeal for conservation.