The Independent Commission of Investigations INDECOM, says the Jamaican state has failed miserably to protect the rights of citizens detained and placed in lockups by the police.

The charge is coming from the Commissioner of INDECOM, Terrence Williams.

Speaking at a Rotary Club meeting in Falmouth on Tuesday night, Mr. Williams said Jamaicans can force the state to do better by knowing and asserting their human rights.

Terrence Williams believes the Jamaican state is like the proverbial ‘hard-ears-child’, who never alters his behaviour despite repeated warnings from those around him.

Mr. Williams says the state and its agents cannot cite a lack of information, training or know how, as the reasons for the wanton abuse of citizens rights while in police custody.

Having ruled out ignorance as an excuse, Mr. Williams believes that the failure of the state to protect the rights of its citizens, is down to plain old carelessness.

The INDECOM boss says the people will have to lead the state in the right direction by being more aware of what their rights are and what the obligation of the state is in protecting those rights.

The statements from the INDECOM boss comes in the wake of the fatal beating of Mario Deane while in custody at the Barnett Street Police Station in St. James.

Following on that incident, where Mr. Deane was allegedly beaten by fellow cellmates, Commissioner Williams is recommending that the police increase and enhance their monitoring of activities in the detention areas.