Tourism Minister, Ed Bartlett, says Jamaica’s now retaining approximately 41-cents of every US dollar spent in the country’s tourism sector.

He says that’s a 36% increase over the period.

Minister Bartlett says the linkages policy in the sector must be lauded.

He listed five networks established under the Tourism Linkages Council headed by Adam Stewart in partnership with several government ministries.

They include health and wellness, gastronomy, sports and entertainment, knowledge, and shopping.

Ed Bartlett, Tourism Minister and East Central St James MP, making his contribution to the Sectoral Debate yesterday in Parliament.

He says the dollar retention has increased by identifying the needs of the tourist and meeting them through these linkages.

However, when our news centre contacted the Chief Strategist and Advisor to the Tourism Minister, Delano Seiveright, for a copy of the World Travel and Tourism Council report cited by Minister Bartlett in Parliament yesterday, it was not forthcoming.

Mr Seiveright says an excerpt from the report pertaining to Jamaica was sent to the Tourism Ministry via e-mail and he was unsure if it was ready for public consumption.

When Nationwide News contacted the Tourism Minister, he too said he could not provide us with a copy of the report he referenced in Parliament.

Mr Bartlett went on to say he has requested a detailed version of the WTTC’s findings.

He also says it wasn’t unethical of him to announce the increases ahead of receiving a detailed edition of the WTTC report.