Councillor for the Sheffield Division of the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation, Garfield James, says there’s a need for the country to place the kind of effort into crime-fighting, similar to what is done for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Councillor James was addressing the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation general meeting yesterday.

He pointed to Cuba which is currently under an embargo and has a COVID-19 vaccine in its third phase of approval trial.

He noted that while Jamaica is not under an embargo, it is under seige by criminals.

Garfield James, Councillor for the Sheffield Division in Westmoreland.

The Councillor’s concern follows a presentation by the Medical Officer of Health for Westmoreland, Dr Marcia Graham, who says she was moved whenever there is a death relating to the respiratory virus.

However, Dr Graham, in response to Councillor James, said she was equally saddened by the crime situation in Jamaica which is a cause for concern.

Dr Marcia Graham, Medical Officer of Health for Westmoreland.