Head of the Hugh Shearer Trade Union Institute, Danny Roberts, says Jamaica potentially stands to benefit significantly from the rooms on the beach deal negotiated by the Government with the owners of Moon Palace resort.

Contractor General, Dirk Harrison, has described as an insult to the people of Jamaica the sale of the property for US$6-million less than the maximum valuation price.

Growth and Job Creation Minister, Daryl Vaz, hit back and said Mr. Harrison failed to reflect that in arriving at the deal – the Urban Development Corporation, UDC considered that the project will bring in approximately half-a-billion US dollars in foreign direct investment.

This creates a combined total of more than 7,000 jobs while raking in US$30-million in tax revenues over the next three years.

Minister Vaz said the investment is also currently resulting in the nourishment of a public beach to the tune of US$1-millio.

Mr. Roberts says in his assessment the deal is potentially good for all parties – including the Jamaican taxpayer.

Mr. Roberts lectures a business negotiation course at the Mona School of Business at the University of the West Indies.

He says the UDC rooms on the beach sale debate is a classic case study in how to conduct good business negotiations.