The Government of Jamaica is urging the international community to give urgent additional help to Caribbean countries which have been devastated by recent powerful Hurricanes, Maria and Irma.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Senator Kamina Johnson-Smith, made the appeal on the weekend while addressing the United Nation’s General Assembly.

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Dominica, Barbuda and the Turks and Caicos Island have been worst affected by the hurricanes.

Dominica is facing a chronic shortage of food and water.

The country is also battling rampant looting and lawlessness.

In response, Jamaica has sent over 100 members of the Jamaica Defence Force to help in restoring order and distribution of resources.

The Foreign Affairs Minister says Jamaica is saddened by the extensive damage caused by the hurricanes, as well as the loss of life and destruction which resulted from the recent earthquakes in Mexico.

She called on the UN General Assembly to urgently respond to the reality of climate change.

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