A Jamaican man who pleaded guilty to having a bogus driver’s permit was fined nearly $TT8,000 for three offences, when he appeared in a court in Trinidad and Tobago.

The man, 36 year old Omar Higgins, was charged with uttering a document purporting to be a driver’s permit, knowing it to be forged, and for driving without a driver’s permit and a certificate of insurance.

The court was told that Higgins went to a police station in San Fernando last Friday, to report that he had been involved in a road traffic accident.

While being interviewed, Higgins was asked to produce his driver’s permit.

He produced one under the name Omar Higgins of Richplain Road in Diego Martin.

Checks with Trinidad’s Licensing Department showed that the permit produced by Higgins, was actually issued to one Sherwin Andy Pierre, of Point Fortin.

When told that the driver’s permit was false, Higgins confessed.

He told the police that he had paid a man 15-hundred TT-dollars to get the document.

Higgins’ lawyer told the court that the Jamaican paid for the permit, in a moment of weakness.

He said Higgins was due to leave Trinidad for Jamaica in January, but had applied for an extension of time and a work permit.

He begged the court not to send Higgins to jail, noting that the Jamaican had a common law wife and a child to care for.

The judge accepted the pleadings and instead imposed a fine on Higgins.