A Jamaican man, Ricardo Myers, was yesterday sentenced to 47 years in prison, after being found guilty of shooting a man and wounding two others, in an incident outside a night club in New Haven in the US state of Connecticut in 2013.

The 23 year old Myers was yesterday told by the judge that his actions were inexplicable and out of character.

In June, Myers was found guilty of murder and two counts of first-degree assault, for the barrage of gunfire he unleashed at the corner of Crown and College streets, during an argument.

The incident happened about 2am on May 18, 2013, after Myers and his friends left the “Lazy Lizard” nightclub.

An argument developed with another group of men and Myers reportedly left the scene.

He walked to his car, took a licensed semi-automatic Glock from the glove compartment and returned.

Myers used the gun to shoot three men, including a 21 year old, who died from his injuries.

The judge told Myers that he allowed pride and ego to get in the way, as he could easily have driven away from the conflict.

The dead man’s family had asked that the Jamaican be sentenced to 1-hundred years in prison.

Myers’ family told the court that he did not get a fair trial.

They say given that Myers is a black Jamaican, at least one member of the jury should have been drawn from a minority group.