A federal jury in North Dakota convicted a woman from Providence, Rhode Island for her participation in a Jamaican lottery fraud scheme, last Friday.

She is 28-year old Melinda Bulgin.

A statement from the United States Department of Justice, DOJ, says she was convicted on 15 counts after a week-long trial.

The DOJ says approximately 100 victims were bilked out of more than USD$6.7-million.

Miss Bulgin was convicted on conspiracy and substantive mail fraud and wire fraud charges. She was also convicted for one count of money laundering conspiracy.

According to the evidence presented at the trial, Bulgin worked with members of a Jamaican lottery fraud conspiracy in the United States and Jamaica to target people over the age of 55.

Bulgin was caught while carrying almost 15-thousand dollars to Jamaica to share with conspirators.

Prosecutors say this conviction demonstrates a commitment to stopping those who exploit senior citizens.

In addition to Bulgin, 14 other defendants from Jamaica and the United States were charged in the same indictment. Many have pleaded guilty.

The DOJ says the investigation of Bulgin and others has led to the successful prosecution of more than 30 defendants. It also led to the extradition of 14 Jamaican nationals.

The prosecution of Bulgin arises from the investigation of Sanjay Williams, Lavrick Willocks and others.