Commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) Terrence Williams, says based on figures available to him, Jamaica has the highest rate of police fatal shootings in the world.

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Commissioner Williams says many countries around the world don’t keep or release figures on police shootings. He says that makes it difficult to ascertain with any degree of certain what happens globally.

Mr Williams says Jamaica’s rate is most closely comparable to South Africa. But he concedes, the police fatal shooting rate in that country — which has a population of 55 million people — still hasn’t dwarfed Jamaica’s rate. He says Jamaica’s rate also surpasses that of it’s closest Caribbean counterpart, Trinidad.

According to INDECOM, 254 people were either shot and killed or shot and injured by police in Jamaica last year.

Commissioner Williams argues the high degree of police fatal shootings is being fueled by the acceptance of many Jamaicans that the police should kill criminals to fight crime.

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Terrence Williams was speaking at a quarterly press briefing at INDECOM’s New Kingston offices.

The INDECOM Commissioner also says an increase in ‘tough’ policing hasn’t shown any tangible results of crime being lowered.