Chevon Campbell reports

Jamaica’s third wave is projected to peak in the next 14 days.

That’s according to National Epidemiologist, Dr. Karen Webster-Kerr.

The country is currently in its third wave of the Covid-19 surge with cases and hospitalizations continuing to rise daily.

Recently the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jacqueline Bisasor McKenzie, warned that the third wave would be different with the rate of spread being more rapid.

Dr. Webster-Kerr was speaking on Nationwide this morning.

Dr. Webster-Kerr says the first wave of the pandemic took 28 days before it peaked while the second wave took 57 days.

She says compared to the previous waves, the rise in cases is projected to peak in another 2 weeks.

Today’s statistics from the Health Ministry revealed the highest number of hospitalisations.

According to the latest update, the country recorded 7-hundred and 5 hospital admissions.

The Epidemiologist says projections for the next 14 days on deaths and hospitalizations show a possible further increase.

However, Dr. Webster-Kerr noted that a number of factors could impact the timeline of the impending peak.

However, the National Epidemiologist added that flattening the curve after the peak could take several months.