A Medical Student currently enrolled in a University in China who is currently stranded in Malaysia is pleading for assistance to return home to Jamaica.

Twenty two year old, Ramone Williamson is a medical student at the Xi’an Jiaotong University School of Medicine in China.

He’s also graduate of the University of Technology Jamaica.

His story was posted online to the blog Wisdom At Work.

According to Ramone towards the ending of January he left China for what should have been a short travel to another Asian country.

However within two days he learnt that there was an outbreak of a novel coronavirus in the Wuhan province.

But the worst was yet to come as three days later, the virus had virtually spread to all provinces in China and resulted in a number of deaths.

At that point his programme coordinator had contacted him informing him that based on the current epidemic and the worsening of the situation he could not return to China and should extend his travel for a few more days until given notice to return.

However a few days later he again attempted to return to China, but was informed that travel restrictions as well as a partial shutdown meant he would  not be allowed to return under any circumstances until notified to do so.

Since he’s been stuck in a foreign country for nearly a month.

He’s now seeking assistance to remain afloat until he can return home as well as help with travel expenses.

He says under the circumstances he will now try traveling to Jamaica.

Dr. Williamson has a GoFundMe page which has already received over US$1,200 in support.