Wayne Walker reports

Local Epidemiologist, Professor Peter Figueroa, is urging Jamaicans not to panic over the MU variant of the COVID-19 virus at this time.

According to Professor Figueroa, the public should not confuse the terms “variants of concern” with ” variants of interest.”

The Ministry of Health and Wellness confirmed the presence of the MU variant of COVID-19 in Jamaica last week.

Health Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton, revealed that 26 of 92 samples sent for testing returned positive.

Professor Figueroa says he wouldn’t worry too much about the latest variant too much, at least not at this time.

He noted that the public should not behave in a frantic manner whenever a variant of interest is announced by health officials.

Professor Figueroa added that the delta variant remains the biggest threat at this time.

Meanwhile, Professor Figueroa is urging health officials to revisit the logistics regarding the distribution of vaccines, if they are to increase the country’s inoculation rate.

He emphasized that despite the variant of covid-19 that poses a threat, he says vaccines are still the solution.