The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, JCC, has joined calls advocating for a phasing in of salaries for the political directorate.

In a release yesterday, the JCC says it strongly supports the establishment of an independent body to oversee future adjustments and systemic increases.

It further states that streamlining the system for remuneration in the public sector, including the political directorate, will go a long way towards improving the island’s socio-economic outcomes.

The JCC says an effective public education programme should’ve been in place before the massive readjustments and increases were announced.

It says this would’ve been effective in explaining the reasons surrounding the increases in relation to those of other countries of comparable size and economic challenges.

The JCC is suggesting that the salary increase for political leadership be phased over a longer period than has been proposed, with a detailed description of the benchmarks used in justifying the suggested increases.

This, the JCC says, should be implemented after the finalization of the accountability measures that the Prime Minister had announced.