Former Police Commissioner, Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin, says the Jamaica Constabulary Force is beyond reformation. He says the organization needs transformation.

Rear Admiral Lewin’s comments come amid the continuing outrage over the death of St. James resident, Mario Deane while in the custody of the police.

He says the government, the Police High Command and general population must strongly voice their dissatisfaction with the tendency of police officers to use excessive force, and demand the changes the country wants.

Admiral Lewin says the JCF is so bedevilled with a plethora of longstanding problems – including it’s culture of policing – that it’s beyond reform.

Admiral Lewin says there’re three groups in the country that can demand and effect the changes needed in the Police Force.

The former Commissioner cited what he believes is a crucial reason there’s been an unwillingness from the political directorate to demand better.

Nonetheless – Rear Admiral Lewin who was speaking this afternoon on ‘Cliff Hughes On-Line’ on Power 106 – says that’s receded somewhat.

He also lamented the deplorable conditions in which police personnel have to work, adding he believes they haven’t been vocal enough in protesting those conditions.

Mr. Lewin was Police Commissioner for nearly two years, resigning the post in 2009.

He’s also a former Chief of Defence Staff of the Jamaica Defence Force.