The Jamaica Cycling Federation, JCF, has seek to clarify circumstances involving national cyclist Dahlia Palmer and the absence of her coach Robert Farrier from the recent Pan American Games in Chile.

Palmer went on to win bronze in the women’s keirin final.

One of the concerns was that Palmer had to find over 4-thousand US dollars of the over 7-thousand US dollars needed to fund her way to the Championships.

In a release, the JCF said, “It is not unusual for any national cyclist to partly or completely self-fund their trips to various competitions as the federation is not able to fully fund all cyclists to all the needed competitions overseas.”

The release went on to say, “Palmer is one of twenty National Cyclists selected for national duties in 2023 across both cycling disciplines – track and road.”

The federation added, ” based on the recommendation of the JCF, she has been the recipient of the Solidarity Scholarship funded by the International Olympic Committee and managed through the Jamaica Olympic Association.

They explained that “Dahlia has been a beneficiary of this scholarship for two consecutive Olympic cycles and the sole cyclist to benefit from this funding valued at 15-thousand US dollars annually.”

The release said, “The federation has funded Dahlia Palmer to UCI Nations Cup appearances since late 2018 through to March 2022, totaling to amounts more than 37-thousand US dollars, not including the Solidarity funds.”

Where Palmer’s personal coach, Farrier is concerned, the JCF explained that he is not a member of the federation and its appointed coaches.

Farrier has also been said to have openly discredited, belittled, and denigrated the JCF board, local coaches and track athletes, which the JCF said resulted in his suspension and, by extension, his absence from the PanAm Games.