The Jamaica Constabulary Force says statistics support claims by Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson that violence against women is not on the rise.

Senior Communication Strategist for the Constabulary, Dennis Brooks, says statistics suggest that despite minor fluctuations the rate of women being murdered remains flat.

Commissioner Anderson came under fire for making the suggestion over the weekend.

However, Mr. Brooks argues that Jamaica is far below the international average of 19% and has come far down from where the country stood historically.

Mr. Brooks says what has changed in recent years is greater access to social media which magnifies certain events.

He says when people are outraged and upset they will not be comforted by statistics, but law enforcement is obliged to look at the numbers.

Mr. Brooks also says the police do not have the luxury to pick and choose which murders it has to treat with.

Dennis Brooks, Senior Communication Strategist for the Jamaica Constabulary Force.