National Security Minister, Dr. Horace Chang, says the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF, stands ready to provide special training and certification to private security guards.

This in an effort to address the increased demand for close protection services.

Dr. Chang says the government is moving to fully implement the Public Officials Protection System, POPS, Policy by the 2024/2025 fiscal year.

The policy will see police officers, who are assigned to provide protection services for public officials, being redeployed to the frontline of crime fighting.

Speaking at the Private Security Regulation Authority’s annual conference on Saturday at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Downtown Kingston, Minister Chang says hundreds of highly trained police are stuck doing the job of a security.

Dr. Chang says police officers will still be trained in the area, but only to protect high ranking officials who’ll need protection at the highest level.

Dr. Horace Chang, Minister of National Security.

Meanwhile, Minister Chang says the Private Security Regulation Authority is drafting training sessions for security guards involved in cash-in-transit operations across the island.

Cash-in-transit refers to the physical transfer of banknotes, coins or other items of value from one location to the other.

The special training forms part of a response to the recent spate of daylight attacks by gunmen on Beryllium courier vehicles transporting large sums of cash.

The latest incident occurred in Mandeville, Manchester last month, where gunmen attacked a group of Beryllium security guards, as they moved bags of cash into the Caledonia Road Branch of Scotiabank.

The men made off with a large sum of cash after injuring six bystanders.

Minister Chang says a part of the improved security, will see firearms being granted to these individuals.

Dr. Horace Chang, Minister of National Security.