Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck, is seeking to put the Jamaica Police Federation at ease, over concerns they’ll have to pay hefty fees to challenge the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) over the body’s power to prosecute its members.

The Court of Appeal ruled in April that INDECOM had no such powers unless its investigators were doing so as private citizens.

INDECOM has applied to challenge the ruling at the UK-based Privy Council.

The Police Federation’s outgoing Chair, Sergeant Cecil McCalla, yesterday warned the government that they’d have to foot those legal fees, noting the police had to pay their own fees to challenge the matter in the Appeal Court.

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Sergeant Cecil McCalla, outgoing President of the Jamaica Police Federation, speaking yesterday at the organizations’ conference.

But Minister Chuck says he doubts the matter will reach the Privy Council.

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He says the government is moving to amend the INDECOM Act, as soon as possible.

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The Justice Minister had told Nationwide News, recently, that Cabinet is exploring an amendment of the INDECOM Act to empower the entity to prosecute, and also the possibility of establishing an oversight body for INDECOM.