The Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society, JCHS, says the Police High Command must explain its decision to remove gender designations from the force in light of the global push for transgender rights.

The Constabulary Force announced over the Easter holiday that it was removing the term “woman” from the ranks of constable, corporal, and inspector.

But Advocacy Officer at JCHS, Phillipa Davies, says the move raises questions in light of current international trends regarding gender distinctions in public life.

Shaloy Smikle has more in this report.

The JCF says the announcement represents what it describes as a new era in gender-neutral terminology.

Miss Davis says that requires an explanation.

The JCF has not made any connection between the move and transgender rights.

It says the decision is a critical step in its ongoing transformation. 

In a post on social media, the Force noted that the decision was a shift in cultural dynamics and recognised that there are no distinctions in the valour and capabilities of its male and female members.

But Miss Davis is questioning what policy advantage the JCF hopes to realise from its decision.

But it would appear those questions are out of step with women’s rights activists Indi McLymont Lafayette and Linnette Vassel, who’ve hailed the move as a progressive step forward.

Miss Davis is not convinced.

Women have held gender specific titles in the JCF since they were first admitted 75 years ago, in 1949.