President of the Jamaica Civil Service Association, O’Neil Grant is calling for the Firearm Licensing Authority, FLA, to reinstate three workers who were fired from the agency yesterday.

He wants the dismissed workers to be reinstated with immediate effect.

Nationwide News has learned that the Director of the Audit and Complaints Department, Michael Dixon, is among three workers who’ve been fired.

Mr. Grant says the association will be meeting with the CEO of the FLA, Shane Dalling at 2:00 this afternoon where the issue will be raised. He says the meeting was previously scheduled to discuss matters regarding the industrial relations climate at the agency. But, the sacking of three of the employees will now be at the top of the agenda.

Mr. Grant says the persons who’ve been fired have not been found to be responsible for any wrongdoing.

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Mr. Grant says security guards were brought in to escort Mr. Dixon off the agency’s property. He says the manner in which the workers were dismissed impinges on their rights.

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Mr. Grant says he hopes good sense will prevail following the meeting this afternoon.

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The three workers were dismissed yesterday following a visit to the agency by the Major Organised Crime and Anti Corruption Agency, MOCA.

Investigators from MOCA, are now probing over 2-hundred-50 files in which there are questions about the circumstances in which gun licenses were issued to applicants.

Files under investigation relate to licenses issued between 2011 and 2017.

Meanwhile, Mr. Grant is voicing concerns that plans were afoot to dismiss the entire Audit and Complaints Department at the FLA.

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He’s insisting that the employees from the Audit department had nothing to do with documents that were allegedly destroyed at the FLA. He says members were interviewed and they’ve denied shredding files at the Agency.

In May this year, a purported whistle blower sent a letter to the Office of the Contractor General outlining several concerns with the operations at the FLA.

The letter alleged that a senior officer at the Agency destroyed documents connected to the high profile Patrick Powell/X6 murder investigation in 2011.

According to the purported whistle blower, a shredder which was used to destroy the document has still not been returned to the department within the FLA from which it was borrowed.

Mr. Grant says it appears that a witch hunt is now on to remove workers whom they believe leaked information to MOCA relating to the ongoing investigations.