The Jamaica Civil Society Coalition, JCSC, says it’s deeply concerned about the manner in which the current debate about the repeal or retention of the sections of the Offences Against the Person Act related to anal intercourse, is being conducted.

JCSC’s comments follow Sunday’s mass meeting in Half-Way Tree, St. Andrew, which saw religious groups making their case for the buggery law not to be repealed.

But, the JCSC says it’s urging all individuals, groups and organizations involved to advocate their cause in a manner which reflects a greater spirit of mutual respect and consideration.

This, regardless of differences as we are all Jamaicans and must find a way to live peaceably together in our island space.

JCSC says every Jamaican citizen is deserving of a hearing and of equal protection under the law of the land and under the principles of human rights to which we are signatories.

In a statement this afternoon, JCSC says we must not allow the point and counterpoint which is a hallmark of a democratic process to become a vehicle for intimidation.

It’s urging Jamaicans to bring an end to inflammatory and dismissive statements and to the stigmatization of entire groups based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, religious convictions or other difference of whatever kind.