Human rights lobby group Jamaicans for Justice, JFJ, says the people demand to know what led to the sudden retirement of Owen Ellington as Commissioner of Police.

In a statement this morning JFJ says the National Security Minister, Peter Bunting, must provide a comprehensive explanation to the Jamaican people.

The strife torn JFJ has finally found its voice after a difficult few weeks when it has been engaged in putting out fires within its own house, rather than doing the advocacy for which it has won so much respect and acclaim.

In its statement today, JFJ notes that it called for the resignation of Commissioner Ellington in November 2013.

Back then it cited his failure to improve the clear-up rate for murder and the fact that he presided over the highest cumulative rate of police fatal shootings in Jamaica’s history.

JFJ says during the past months, the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM has charged nine policemen in Clarendon for alleged extra-judicial killings.

It says its paying close attention to what it terms as, “these extraordinary developments.”

JFJ says Minister Bunting must provide Jamaicans with a valid explanation about why Commissioner Ellington is stepping down.

The human rights lobby says Minister Bunting must say whether Ellington’s decision is in any way linked to the INDECOM death squad probe.

JFJ is also renewing its call for the long overdue reform of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Its also calling for a transparent search and appointment of a Police Commissioner, with the capacity and commitment to undertake the kind of reform which will satisfy the Jamaican people.