Nationwide News can confirm that human rights lobby group Jamaicans for Justice,JFJ, has installed a new interim board of directors.

The board was installed yesterday during an extraordinary members meeting.

The meeting was called amid the continuing controversy surrounding the implementation of an unauthorized sex education programme in six privately-run children’s homes.

That controversy prompted the resignation of seven members from the board of JFJ, along with the lobby group’s Executive Director, Kay Osbourne.

The Executive Director of JFJ Kay Osbourne, resigned after being in the post for only three months.

Her resignation followed those of seven others, including spokesperson Susan Goffe, former Executive Director Dr Carolyn Gomes and Board Chairman Lisa Lakhan Chen.

Speaking exclusively with Nationwide News today, interim Board Chairman Dr. Barry Wade, says the members felt they needed an explanation as to what led to the crumbling of the lobby group in the aftermath of the sex education programme.

Dr. Wade says the new interim board will chart a new way forward for JFJ.

Dr. Wade admits that JFJ mismanaged the transition period of installing a new Executive Director.

Former Spokesperson Susan Goffe alluded to the group’s silence on national issues in recent months as one of the reasons behind her resignation.

Former Chairman Lisa Lakhan Chen said it was necessary for the group keep a low profile while it conducted its investigation into the sex education programme.

But Dr. Wade says the members disagreed with that approach.