Human rights lobby group, Jamaicans for Justice, JFJ, is expressing skepticism about a meeting Police Commissioner, Dr. Carl Williams wants to have with local human rights representatives.

This, in the wake of the death of 29-year-old Marlon Cherrington, a suspect in the murder of Woman Constable Crystal Thomas, on July 14.

Cherrington died in hospital last week, after he was beaten into an unconscious state, while being held at the Hunts Bay Police Lock-Up.

Last Saturday Commissioner Williams issued a statement, saying he wanted an early meeting with human rights representatives to review the implementation of recommendations to improve the treatment of persons being held in police custody.

However, JFJ says Dr. Williams already knows what needs to be done and should implement those measures.

JFJ says Cherrington’s death adds to a long list of deaths in police custody, noting the beating death of Mario Deane in August last year.

JFJ says while it supports the placement of CCTV in police lockups, the police should now implement simpler and less costly measures.

It says it’s proposed a range of practicable measures, including the frequent monitoring of cell occupants by appointed Station Officers and regular visits by Justices of the Peace.