The human rights advocacy group, Jamaicans for Justice, JFJ, is welcoming the focus being placed on building the intelligence capacity of the Jamaica Constabulary Force by recently appointed Police Commissioner, George Quallo.

Advocacy Manager at JFJ, Rodje Malcolm, says he finds this ‘valuable’.

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Mr. Malcolm was responding to Commissioner Quallo’s speech after he was officially sworn-in on Friday.

He says he hopes Commissioner Quallo will make good on his promise.

Meanwhile, he’s urging the Police Commissioner to hold JCF members to account and curtail the reliance on the lethal use of force.

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In his speech last Friday, Commissioner Quallo declared that he will vigorously defend police personnel who’re forced to use deadly force, especially against criminals, once it’s justifiable.

In the meantime, former Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mark Shields, says Mr. Quallo’s commitment to engage with communities will help build the intelligence-gathering capacity of the JCF.

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