President of the Jamaica Gasoline Retailers Association, JGRA, Dianne Parram, is calling for the implementation of short term measures to aid gasoline retailers as they continue to suffer from increased prices and a decline in sales.

The JGRA, which represents more than 50 percent of retailers in the island, notes that many of their dealers are struggling to maintain their businesses.

It’s reported that some gasoline operators are on the brink of closure if conditions arising from the Covid-19 pandemic remain the same.

Ms. Parram says the increased demand for working capital puts significant pressure on their members.

Previous interventions by the Government included an extension of hours during the weekend lock downs.

However, Ms. Parram says this was also not enough.

The JGRA boss says effective short term measures by the Government and Petrojam would assist in the recovery of the sector.

Dianne Parram, JGRA President.