The Opposition JLP says it has completed work on its national security manifesto.

The party called a press conference this morning at its headquarters on Belmont Road, to discuss how it plans to tackle the crime monster, if it forms the next government.

The Opposition noted that 33 Jamaicans have been murdered over the past seven days.

The briefing was chaired by Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Derrick Smith and his deputy, attorney-at-law Pearnel Charles Junior.

Mr. Smith opened with an update on the crime situation since the start of the year.

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But those are the problems what about the solutions?

The men outlined just how an Andrew Holness led government planned to tackle the crime demon.

By their remarks and recent soundings on the political hustings, it’s clear the JLP is readying itself for the next general election.

Mr. Smith says the first item on the agenda is to ensure that the National Security Ministry is properly funded.

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But that’s not the only issue that the JLP intends to fix.

The Police have long lamented the problem of having insufficient vehicles and resources to conduct their duties.

Mr. Smith says a more mobile police Force will have a better chance against criminals.

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Mr. Charles says under a JLP government, the mismanagement of the security forces will be a thing of the past.

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