The governing Jamaica Labour Party, JLP, says it is gravely concerned about the growing corruption scandal that has engulfed the Manchester Municipal Corporation.

A joint statement on Friday from the party’s North West Manchester constituency executive and its management team for the constituency expressed shock and dismay at the developments in the municipal corporation.

So far, the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Erwin Facey, has resigned.

Deputy Mayor Facey is Councillor for the Spur Tree Division in North West Manchester.

Two members of the Corporation’s accounts department have also resigned.

The Manchester police and the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency, MOCA, have also been called in to investigate.

According to the joint statement, the corruption scandal in the Manchester Municipal Corporation is a betrayal of good governance, transparency and public trust.

Member of the JLP’s North West Manchester constituency executive and former MP for the constituency, Stafford Haughton, says this isn’t the first time there’ve been allegations of corruption at the Manchester Municipal Corporation.

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