JLP and PNP supporters clashed this morning outside the offices of the Kingston and St. Andrew municipal Corporation on Church Street in downtown Kingston.

The brawl erupted before Senator Delroy Williams was sworn in as the new Mayor of Kingston.

Councillor for the Waterloo Division, Winston Ennis, was sworn in as Deputy Mayor.

The swearing-in ceremony got underway some time after 12 this afternoon. Shortly after the supporters started hurling objects at each other.

Mayor Williams was nominated by JLP Councillor for the Chancery Hall Division, Duane Smith.

The nomination was seconded by Mr. Ennis.

The newly appointed Mayor has said that he’d be focusing on restoring order in the city and generate economic growth.

In his speech today the new Mayor says he’ll be prioritizing easing traffic congestion in the city. An issue that’s been plaguing Kingston.

[audio_mp3 url=”https://nationwideradiojm.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Delroy-Williams-congestion-in-Kingston-December-15-2016.mp3″]

Mayor Williams also stressed the importance of developing Kingston as the Caribbean’s greatest city.

He says to do this developing cruise shipping in Kingston will top his agenda.

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He says vending is another top priority as order must be restored in the capital city.

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The mayor says he’s also imploring Councillors to confront the challenges in the KSAC as a team.

Earlier tensions flared when a fight broke out between PNP and JLP supporters.

The two sides accused each other of starting the brawl.

Eye witnesses from both sides recount that bottles, shoes and stones were being hurled.

One eye witness told Nationwide News that the former Mayor of Kingston, Angela Brown-Burke, almost got splashed with a bucket of water.

A large number of security personnel were on the scene trying to maintain the peace.

After the ceremony, PNP councillors and their supporters were advised to move their celebrations further away from the building to prevent a reoccurence of the brawl.