JLP Chairman, Robert Montague, says he’s instructed that the governing party get ready should Prime Minister Andrew Holness decide to call general elections following the conclusion of the upcoming by-election in East Portland.

Mr. Montague was addressing a JLP Area Council 2 meeting in Port Antonio yesterday. Mr. Montague was among a number of JLP heavyweights who turned up in Port Antonio to endorse Annmarie Vaz’s candidacy in East Portland.

The JLP Chairman told the meeting that he’s issued a directive to his party.

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Mr. Montague also issued a caution to the Opposition PNP.

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The JLP Chairman says Prime Minister Holness now has the option of moving to increase his majority in parliament.

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In the meantime, Mr. Montague also told the meeting that he’s pleased the PNP appears to have snubbed Andrea Moore as their candidate for East Portland.

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