The governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is adamant that it’s adhering to the policies of its constitution in its process to select the party’s next standard-bearer for the St. Andrew North West constituency.

The son of former Member of Parliament Derrick Smith, Duane, and Dr. Nigel Clarke are the candidates being considered by the party.

The elder Smith is questioning whether there’s a plot to bypass the party’s constitution to hand-pick Dr. Clarke.

General Secretary of the JLP, Dr. Horace Chang, says the constitution sets out several ways to select candidates.

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The senior Mr. Smith this morning chided the party for how he perceived it was handling the selection process. He emphasized that aspirants for the post should be members of the party in with what he calls ‘good standing’.

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Derrick Smith says that would be a clear breach of the party’s constitution and its traditions.

The JLP’s constitution empowers its Central Executive to approve or revoke any person as Candidate for any Constituency or Division.