The JN Bank has partnered with the National Housing Trust, NHT, to continue assisting qualified contributors with financing property acquisitions.

The Bank says this is being done under the External Financing Mortgage Programme, EFMP.

The EFMP replaces NHT’s former Joint Financing Mortgage Programme.

However, similar to the former programme, it will allow NHT contributors to conveniently mix their benefits with mortgage funds from JN Bank to come up with the funds to purchase property.

Contributors will receive funds at interest rates and terms they would receive if they had borrowed directly from the NHT, alongside funds from JN Bank.

Also, as with the previous programme, JN Bank will process the applications, so that applicants will not need to contact the NHT at any point.

JN Bank will also manage disbursement of the funds to successful applicants and loan payments on behalf of the NHT.

Chief of retail sales at JN Bank, Delroy Scarlett, said the EFMP also provides an opportunity for contributors to access other products and services to finance the homeownership process.

Delroy Scarlett, Chief of retail sales at JN Bank.