A Joint Select Committee of Parliament has decided not to recommend the criminalization of forced anal sex, for fear that it could be interpreted as an attempt to overturn the buggery law.

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck presented the committee’s recommendations to Parliament yesterday.

Minister Chuck is urging his colleagues in Parliament to carefully consider this issue.

He says the committee faced a similar challenge when considering the abortion laws.

However, the committee has decided to recommend that marital rape be made a crime.

Delroy Chuck, Justice Minister.

He was speaking in the House of Representatives yesterday.

The Committee is also recommending that children who willingly have sex with each other, go to counseling rather than be charged with a crime.

The provision would apply to children who are within four years of each other.

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck outlined the recommendation.

The committee also decided that the age of consent for sex should remain at 16, rather than be raised to 18.

Additionally, Minister Chuck says the committee is recommending a new offense of stalking.

Delroy Chuck, Minister of Justice.

He was presenting the recommendations of a Joint Select Committee of Parliament yesterday.