The Jamaica Public Service Company says electricity bills will go down by approximately 9% this month, as a result of further decreases in the price of oil on the world market.

JPS says in the past year, the average customer’s electricity bill has been reduced by about 18%, as the Company and other local power producers have been paying less for the oil used to generate electricity.

Corporate Communications Officer at JPS Audrey Williams says the reduction in the cost of oil is reflected in the Fuel and IPP Charge on customers’ bills.

Audrey Williams, Corporate Communications Officer at JPS, speaking with Nationwide News.

Mrs. Williams says the reduction converts to an overall decrease of 8.65% for the typical residential customer using 165 kilowatt hour per month, and 9% for some business customers.

The Fuel and IPP charge on electricity bills changes each month, depending on the cost of the oil.

This charge makes up about 60% of customers’ electricity bills.