Approximately 200 workers at the Long Pond Sugar factory in Trelawny remain off the job, after the facility was yesterday disconnected from the national grid by the Jamaica Public Service Company, JPS.

The JPS says it had to take action after the factory refused to pay its bill.

Director of the JPS’ Western Region, T’shura Gibbs, says the company regrets the disruption caused.

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Repeated attempts to contact the Chief Executive Officer of Everglades Farms which operates the Long Pond facility, Andrew Hussey were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile the President and CEO of JPS, Kelly Tomblin, says the situation at Long Pond shows that the light and power company should be allowed to charge interest on overdue amounts.

According to Ms. Tomblin, such a measure would ensure compliance.

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Ms. Tomblin says while the company regrets having to disconnect any customer, its hands are tied by the existing regulatory framework.

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