The Jamaica Public Service Company, JPS, says it should not be blamed for the tragic accident in which a wheelchair-bound man was last Thursday run over by a bus.

Marlon King was struck by a JUTC bus after reportedly trying to avoid a JPS utility pole on the sidewalk along Golding Avenue in Papine.

Persons have suggested Mr. King’s life could have been spared if his movement was not impeded by the pole, which caused him to venture into the road.

In a statement today, JPS says it’s deeply saddened by King’s passing, and that the incident is regrettable.

But it says certain reports surrounding in the incident need to be clarified.

JPS says the poles were originally placed on the soft shoulder of Golding Avenue, which is designated for poles.

The company says this did not present a problem for pedestrians and other commuters.

They say the sidewalk was later built around the poles, creating a sidewalk with poles in them, as the only option for pedestrians and other persons using the sidewalk.

JPS says relocating poles on any major thoroughfare is done at the request of the National Works Agency, which is the body that funds such exercises.

JPS says it’s not received such a request for Golding Avenue.

The utility company says should such a request be made, it would be difficult to find alternative locations for these poles.