The Jamaica Public Service Company, JPS is asking for permission to raise its rates.

The Office of Utilities Regulation , OUR says JPS has submitted an application for an extraordinary rate review.

JPS is allowed to make this application as a result of amendments to its licence which came into effect in January.

In its submission to the OUR last month, the JPS is maintaining that the Electricity Licence of 2016 includes several changes which impact the calculation of its non-fuel rates.

The light and power company estimates that if its proposal is accepted, recovering these costs would result in an increase of approximately 1 percent on the average residential customer bill.

Large commercial and industrial customers could see an increase of 0.8-percent on their bills.

While prices would go up about 1.1-percent for small commercial customers.

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Elizabeth Bennett Marsh, Public Education Specialist at the OUR.

Members of the public who wish to make comments on JPS’ application may do so on or before December 2, by emailing: