The JPS today signed a power purchase agreement, PPA, with US investors Blue Mountain Renewables, BMR.

The PPA will pave the way for the establishment of a 34 megawatt wind farm in St. Elizabeth, that will supply renewable energy to the national grid.

Construction is scheduled to begin September this year and be completed in 2015.

The power purchase agreement was signed with BMR, which is operated by a United States businessman, Bruce Levy.

The proposed project will have 18-wind turbines spread out on 87-acres of land adjacent the existing JPS Munro Wind Farm.

The initiative is expected to help Jamaica reduce its dependence on oil, while helping the JPS to reduce system losses due to inefficient power plants.

In April, BMR projected that the project will provide 2-hundred-and-54 jobs directly and indirectly with 2-hundred-and-15 during the construction phase.