William Mitchell reports.

Jamaica Teachers’ Association, JTA President, Owen Speid, is stoutly defending his call for the Education Ministry to shutter the National College for Educational Leadership, NCEL.

Speaking last evening on Nationwide at 5, Mr. Speid, painted a bleak picture of the operations of the leadership development training institution for educators.

According to the JTA President the school has been without a functioning board for almost two years.

Speaking on Monday, JTA President Owen Speid called for the shuttering of NCEL.

In making his case, Mr. Speid said it’s unnecessary for qualified teachers to go to NCEL before becoming principals.

He points to the example of teachers who believe they’re qualified to become principals but have been denied those positions pending completion of the programme offered by NCEL.

Historically, the college was implemented to address a leadership and management deficit in the education sector.

But, according to the JTA head, there’s no empirical proof that NCEL works.

When challenged, Mr. Speid admitted there’s no data to suggest the college doesn’t work.

But, he says there are other available avenues for teacher training and development.

Mr. Speid also argues that the leadership structure at NCEL has been deteriorating over the last two years.

Meanwhile, Mr. Speid is charging that the acting Education Minister is saying one thing in private and another in public.