There are questions this morning about the future of the President of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association, La Sonja Harrison.

She’s being accused of abandoning her members on the cusp of signing the compensation agreement with the government.

In an unprecedented move, Mrs. Harrison made herself unavailable for yesterday’s signing calling on her President-Elect to sign what might be the association’s biggest wage deal.

This, despite her being present at the start of the function.

Mahiri Stewart has more.

When images emerged of the historic signing, Mrs. Harrison was conspicuous in her absence.

President-Elect of the Jamaica Teacher’s Association, Leighton Johnson, told Nationwide News that while initially present, his leader called on him to sign in her stead.

It’s understood Mrs. Harrison later left the Ministry of Finance’s Heroes Circle Headquarters.

Mr. Johnson was unable to provide a reason for his President’s decision.

However, Nationwide News understands that Mrs. Harrison is not in agreement with the decision by her members to accept the government’s offer.

On Sunday, the JTA’s delegates voted overwhelmingly to accept the government’s deal under the compensation restructuring exercise. 629 delegates, or 80-percent voted to accept. While 147 said no.

Four days before, last Wednesday, March 8, sixty percent of the JTA’s delegates voted to reject the then offer with 346 saying no. While 227 said yes.

The President-Elect said he was astonished by Harrison’s refusal to sign.

Teachers both privately and on social media have been criticising the JTA boss. The move is unprecedented in the 60 year history of the JTA.

One member present at yesterday’s function said Mrs. Harrison’s decision not to sign is tantamount to her abandoning her members.

Mr. Johnson says it’s clear the President has questions to answer.

Pressure is now mounting on Mrs. Harrison to resign as confidence in her leadership has been shaken.