Details are emerging about the benefits involved in the 2017 to 2021 wage deal agreed to by the Jamaica Teacher’s Association, JTA, and the Government.

For months, the JTA declined the government’s offer of 16-percent spread over four years. But, last Friday, the JTA’s General Council voted to accept the wage offer. They’ll officially sign the heads of agreement in a ceremony at 10 o’clock this morning.

JTA President, Georgia Waugh Richards, says the terms of the new arrangement will be made public once the agreement is signed. But, Nationwide News has obtained a document being circulated among JTA members detailing a number of benefits public school teachers are reportedly set to receive.

According to the document making the rounds among public school teachers, the Government has agreed to allow the JTA to sit on the Steering Committee and any other Working Group convened to sign off on the completion of the Compensation Review.

The Compensation Review is designed to bring the salary of public sector teachers more in line with the salary of those in the private sector.

The document also says the government and the JTA has agreed on an adjusted housing allowance.

According to the document, the figures associated with this allowance is reflected in draft number 5 of the heads of agreement.

The document also says the government will make every effort to disburse the agreed payments as soon as is possible after the heads of agreement has been signed by both parties.

The document also reveals the government is committed to ensuring that the agreed payments are disbursed no later than June 2018 for arrears and new rates.

The date for the one-off payment remains at July 2018.

In closing, the document reminded the teachers that with the exception of one of the listed items and another item mentioned in a previous document, it was agreed that the offers would not be a part of the heads of agreement but would be presented in a side letter.