JLP candidate for East Rural St. Andrew Juliet Holness says she has been moved to take legal action against Finance Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips, in order to send him a strong message that derogatory stereotypes about working class Jamaicans are unacceptable.

Juliet Holness says she’s angry at Dr. Phillips.

She vented her anger while addressing JLP workers at a meeting in Harbour View on Saturday night.

Mrs. Holness says Dr. Phillips was out of order for publicly suggesting that she and her husband Andrew Holness, built their Beverly Hills home through illicit means.

Mrs. Holness says she and her family will not be made to feel ashamed about using hard work to overcome life’s challenges.

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Mrs. Holness says she’s filled with pride at the progress she and her husband have made.

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Dr. Phillips has said that he reserves the right to question the source of assets of any public figure.

But Mrs. Holness says its curious that Dr. Phillips chose to target assets belonging to her and her husband.

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